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Ricochet Lost Worlds
A break-out game by Reflexive Entertainment.
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release date: April 2004 for Microsoft Windows
November 3, 2004 for Xbox
November 2005 for macOS
Engine: Velocity Engine
Developer(s): Reflexive Entertainment
Publisher(s): Reflexive Entertainment
Successor: Ricochet Lost Worlds: Recharged

Ricochet Lost Worlds (also known as Rebound Lost Worlds by some game distributors) is a breakout-style game developed by Reflexive Entertainment and is the sequel to Ricochet Xtreme. It was released in April 2004 for Windows, November 3, 2004 for Xbox[1], and November 2005 for Mac[2]. It features several new environments, bricks, power-ups, a new Rings collection feature, and a level editor feature.

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Version history[edit | edit source]

Collected from https://web.archive.org/web/20171109224451/http://www.ricochetinfinity.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1167 and https://web.archive.org/web/20070504192636/http://www.ricochetlostworlds.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=95

Version Description
1.0 Build 12 (2004-04-07)

Initial release

1.0 Build 13 (2004-04-08)
  • Added ring count to players stats display (high score screen)
  • Disabled suspend game when you have lost all your balls
1.0 Build 14 (2004-04-16)
  • Fixed a bug that cause Suspending a resumed games to give only 2 ion spears in a rare case
  • Improved the suspend game descriptive text to explain that your score, balls, and rings will be reset to what they were at the start of the level
  • Fixed the acid ball+ball generator combination to generate a ball when a brick is dissolved
  • Level editor config file is stored in game directory rather than windows directory
  • Property editor window default to opaque background rather than transparent
  • Removed the "Show Demo" button from the options menu since it didn't do anything
  • Master Sound Volume now modifies game volumes only and does not change global Windows settings
  • Fixed bug in Master Sound Volume that cause volumes less than maximum to get quieter the next time you run the game
  • Fixed Level 123 "Guarded Escort" to take care of case where level could not be completed
  • Fixed anther similar problem in "Hide and go chase"
  • Fixed spelling error in credits
1.0 Build 15 (2004-04-19)
  • Fixed a bug that cause the stats on the win screen to not include the stats from the current game. This resulted in stats of 0 in some cases
1.0 Build 19 (2004-04-21)
  • Fixed a bug in collision code that cause the "tree of life" level to destroy half of itself if the player ship was in the right spot
  • Round "Bouncing Balls": Put in Ball Deflector Tips on the bottoms of the two side "containers" of the Blue Levitron Bricks to make sure that a stray shot could not enter and activate a brick early. Also Made Stinger Missiles blacklisted from the level (EMP already was)
  • Round "Circular Polarity": Deleted the two activated Levitron Bricks that were at the top of the level. They were initially put there for the cool thumbnail screenshot, and then were not removed. They didn't break the level, but they weren't supposed to be there.
  • Round "One Line at time": Blacklisted EMP and Stinger Missiles. Made the two moving Ball Deflectors check to see if all of their Levitron bricks were destroyed OR the last line of bricks that came down was destroyed before they started moving. This was to fix the problem reported in the Forum. Tested it a few times and it worked as expected.
1.0 Build 20 (2004-05-03)
  • Adjusted column widths in Round Set Select window so scroll bar won't cover the last column
  • Prevent crashing when move along path used on polygon with 0 points (Could only happen if a user made his own level with a bug on the level)
  • Fix a bug that cause a message of "Only x rings collected" even if they were all collected. This would happen with round groups (checkpoints) with less than 10 rounds
  • Fixed the "normal ball" power-up to not remove your starfish from your ball
  • "Change Area" brick will now delete neighbors if "change to style" is set to "!none" (previous version would change neighbors into "!none" bricks which were invisible but collided with the ball)
  • Added "Copy", "Copy All", and "Paste" options to the Round Set Editor. Now it is easy to copy rounds from one set to another or append two sets together
1.1 Build 29

This version was used to make Ricochet Recharged

  • Added a "restart level" option to the ESC/Pause menu. Now if you get stuck you can reset the level back to the way it was when it started. (this is the same as using suspend and then resume right away)
  • Win screen doesn't say try to get all the rings if you already did get them all
  • Fixed dirty rect problem on win screen. Now there are no more strange squares left behind which you have to "erased" with your mouse. (This problem only occurred if brightness was turned up. Now it never happens no matter what your brightness is set to)
  • Better support for level with more than 5 rings (Doesn't show win screen for 6th (or greater) ring )
  • Doesn't save win screen as JPG file for user made levels. (Still saves them when you win the main game)
  • Display roundset name any time round name is displayed (At the start of each round you are reminded of the name of the round SET)
  • In the round set select screen, the "standard" round set is now always listed first with all of the user made roundsets below it
  • Round set select list no longer has a "new" option if it was accessed from start game (the "new" button is still accessible from in the level editor)
  • The currently selected roundset is tracked separately for each user
  • Round set select screen loads MUCH faster when many roundsets are installed
  • Round Set Select always comes up after you select a player.
  • It is now possible to have a suspended game in one roundset and then play a different roundset. A single player/user can have a different suspended game for each roundset.
  • Added ring count display to level editor
  • Added option in level editor to make "starfish" plug-in play an effect on a brick without giving you a starfish ball
  • Level editor detects and displays message for common type of error made by level designers.
  • The level editor forces off screen bricks to be moved onscreen as soon as you test play the level (rather than waiting until the next time you run the program)
  • When the editor is used to insert a "change area" brick into a level it now defaults to change to a power-up brick rather than changing to the illegal "none" brick.
1.1 Build 30
  • Added an option to run the game in a window rather than full screen
  • Disable F5 key. You can still turn off the background from the video options screen but you will no longer accidentally turn them off if you bump the F5 key
  • The level editor"s automatic error detection that was added in build 28 has now been updated to detects several more types of errors (missing thumbnail image, floating balls too close to bottom of screen, blend positions combination that crashes game)
  • Fixed crash bug in editor which sometimes occurred when using "select all with same plug-in"
  • Fixed an issue with MMX code that could theoretically cause a crash in some cases.
  • Disabled editor features that were used by Reflexive to design the game but were not intended to be used by authors of user made level sets. For example, removed "List Browser, Image Browser, Asset dependency browser, and the "new" button next to lists of power-ups and brick style sheets. Now you can"t accidentally made a roundset that references new assets and it not eligible for distribution on RicochetLostWorlds.com
1.1 Build 31
  • Fixed a crash bug in the level editor which was introduced in build 30
  • Added another item to the list of common mistakes the level editor checks for in user made levels. It is now report as an error if the last round in the round set has more then 5 rings
1.1 Build 32
  • Fixed a crash bug that occurred if you ran the game in a window with a desktop resolution set to 8 bit color
  • Fixed the music player to switch to the correct song when transition from one level type to another and when returning to the main menu
  • Added another item to the list of common mistakes the level editor checks for in user made levels. It is now report as an error if a change self plug-in is used inside of another plug-in such as a sequence.
1.1 Build 33

Version 1.1 (Build 33) has many improvements to dealing with user made levels. It better handles levels with more than 5 rings, the level editor reports common level designer mistakes, and the round set selector lists loads MUCH faster even when you have hundreds of user made level sets installed. Most of these features were included in Recharged but are now available to owners of the original Ricochet Lost Worlds. A few things have been added since Recharged including the ability to run Ricochet Lost Worlds in a window rather than full screen.

  • Automatically replaced Recharged ships with Lost Worlds ships if the roundset used a Recharged specific ship as a starfish effect.
  • Improved the roundset validation rountines that detect common errors made by level designers
    • Does not report an invisible brick as an error if it has a starfish effect on it
    • Displays an error if a level with invisible bricks allows an acid ball power-up
    • Displays an error when an incomplete sequence is used which will crash the game
    • When counting how many rings on are a level, the editor counts bricks that change themselves into rings
  • Add new commands to the level editor menu bar for repairing common types of errors made by level designers
    • New Command to select all change area bricks that change to "!none" (in other words, select all the charge area bricks that make invisible bricks)
    • New Command to paste a replacement "change to" type into all the select change area bricks
    • New command to select all the bricks that have a change self to "!none" and don"t have a starfish. (in other words, select all invisible bricks)

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