Brick Names

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Brick Properties window

Names can be added to bricks to be used and referenced in brick plugins.

Built-in names[edit | edit source]

Ricochet Lost Worlds[edit | edit source]

The Volcanic background offers a few path polygons that are unavailable on other backgrounds:

  • vol path 01
  • vol poly 02
  • vol poly 03
  • vol poly 04
  • vol poly 05
  • vol poly 06
  • vol poly 07
  • vol poly 08
  • vol poly 09
  • vol poly 10
  • vol poly 11

Ricochet Infinity[edit | edit source]

Name Description
this The brick itself, useful for math calculations with the brick's position

Player balls can be referenced with these names.

Name Description
Ball The player's first ball
Ball[number] The player's nth ball, if the player doesn't have nth number of balls, it will reference the last ball
NearestBall Targets the player ball closest to the brick

Player ships can also be referenced and useful for Mouse Party where there can be more than 1 player ship.

Name Description
PlayerShip The first player ship
PlayerShip[number] The nth player ship, if there is no nth player ship, it will reference the last player ship
NearestPlayerShip Targets the player ship closest to the brick

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