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Example[edit source]

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Using the following:

|Picture = Reflexive Logo.png
|Quote = A break-out masterpiece by Reflexive Entertainment.
|Genre = Breakout
|Protagonist = Rico
|Platforms = [[PlayStation 2]]<br/>[[PlayStation 3]] (by backwards compatibility only)<br/>[[PlayStation 4]] (by PS2 on PS4 service)<br/>[[Xbox]]<br/>[[Xbox 360]] (by backwards compatibility)<br/>[[Xbox One]] (by backwards compatibility service)<br/>Microsoft Windows<br/>macOS<br/>Linux operation systems
|Release Date = April 19, 2500
|Delist Date=
|Country = United States
|Game Engine = Velocity
|Developer = Reflexive Entertainment
|Publisher = Amazon
|Franchise = ''Ricochet''
|Sequel = ''Ricochet: Incredible Ball'' (chronological) <br> ''Ricochet 3'' (number)

Results in the following (normally aligned on the right of the screen):

A break-out masterpiece by Reflexive Entertainment.
Protagonist(s): Rico
Genre(s): Breakout
Platform(s): PlayStation 2
PlayStation 3 (by backwards compatibility only)
PlayStation 4 (by PS2 on PS4 service)
Xbox 360 (by backwards compatibility)
Xbox One (by backwards compatibility service)
Microsoft Windows
Linux operation systems
Release date: April 19, 2500
Engine: Velocity
Developer(s): Reflexive Entertainment
Publisher(s): Amazon
Made in: United States
Franchise: Ricochet
Successor: Ricochet: Incredible Ball (chronological)
Ricochet 3 (number)