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Ricochet Lost Worlds: Recharged (also known as Rebound Lost Worlds: Recharged by some game distributors) is a breakout-style game developed by Reflexive Entertainment and is the 3rd sequel in the Ricochet series. It was released on October 2004 for Windows[1].

The main differences from the standard Ricochet Lost Worlds is that it features different level sets, new player ship designs, a newer baseline game version and degraded graphics quality[2] for a smaller download size.



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  2. RICOCHET LOST WORLDS :: View topic - Bug with the music Ricochet Lost Worlds has 160 levels and is 12.7 MB. Ricochet: Recharged has 357 levels and is only 9.4 MB. We shortened some animation and increased the JPEG compression on some art to make the game a smaller download. Some distributors won’t accept any game over 10 MB so we tried to cut some corners to make the new a smaller download while still having more content.

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