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Ricochet Xtreme (also known as Rebound by some game distributors) is a breakout-style game developed by Reflexive Entertainment and is the first game in the Ricochet series. It was released on November 2001 for Windows.[1]



3 official add-ons were available for Ricochet Xtreme.[2]

  • Round 5 Expansion: Adds an additional 40 levels to expand on the original 170 levels from the base game.
  • High Definition Art: Makes the artwork in the game sharper and more detailed.
  • Reactive Music: Changes the music that is played to keep in sync with the changes in gameplay. As the action picks up in the game, the music will react by playing a more intense version of the current song. When the action slows down, a mellow version of the song will be played. Also includes a new game theme song.


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