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Ricochet Xtreme
A break-out game by Reflexive Entertainment.
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release date: November, 2001
Engine: Velocity Engine
Developer(s): Reflexive Entertainment
Publisher(s): Reflexive Entertainment
Successor: Ricochet Lost Worlds

Ricochet Xtreme (also known as Rebound by some game distributors) is a breakout-style game developed by Reflexive Entertainment and is the first game in the Ricochet series. It was released in November, 2001 for Windows.[1]

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Add-ons[edit | edit source]

3 official add-ons were available for Ricochet Xtreme.[2]

  • Round 5 Expansion: Adds an additional 40 levels to expand on the original 170 levels from the base game.
  • High Definition Art: Makes the artwork in the game sharper and more detailed.
  • Reactive Music: Changes the music that is played to keep in sync with the gameplay changes. As the action picks up in the game, the music will react by playing a more intense version of the current song. When the action slows down, a mellow version of the song will be played. Also includes a new game theme song.

Background Story[edit | edit source]

How it all began[edit | edit source]

Interstellar minefields were in bad need of clearing.  So, military engineers developed the RS42 – a ship featuring lightning quick acceleration and nimble controls.  Combined with an ion sphere, it was the perfect ship for the job.  Pilots could clear out mine fields by bouncing the sphere from mine to ship and back.  To train pilots for this task, instructors developed a unique exercise where pilots were required to keep an ion sphere within predetermined boundaries for as long as possible.  As the pilots’ skills increased, instructors introduced destructible bricks in the boundaries to serve as stand ins for the mines they would encounter in active duty.  These bricks also provided good targets so that pilots could become familiar with the RS42’s weapons systems as well.  

Getting Good[edit | edit source]

One day, an interested observer noted how enthusiastic pilots were about this drill.  He discovered that they had in fact placed side wagers on who could be the best pilot in the class and noted that all pilots strived to obtain the highest possible score.  At the end of a particular training rotation, the pilot with the highest overall score was known as the “Ricochet” Champion.  It became quite a matter of prestige to bear this title, and in fact the Champion usually drew the best assignments.

Aspiring to capitalize on what he thought would be the universal appeal of this ‘sport’; the hopeful observer established a professional league that pitted retired pilots against one another.  It was not long before news of the competition swept the galaxy and soon was the most popular inter-stellar sport going.  Military recruiting surged as youngsters sought to learn to compete in the Ricochet Arena.

Getting better[edit | edit source]

Continued enhancements were made to the professional game.  Different bricks were created and power ups and penalties were hidden among some of the bricks.  Some of these helped the pilot and some of them had devastating effects on a pilot’s score.  Upgrades included shield extenders, extra ion spheres, lasers, missiles, and sphere modifiers that turned the ion sphere into a fire ball or rail ball that could blast its way through any obstacle.

Hidden penalties included sphere shrinkers, shield reducers, sphere accelerators and bombs that hurled themselves at a player.  Competitors and fans alike embraced these enhancements and marveled at how they improved a game that was already great.  Popularity soared.

And better[edit | edit source]

When prize money increased, players soon began to travel from place to place, competing to beat the scores of the best Ricochet players in the RPA (Ricochet Players Association) of the local area.  Four different arenas soon became the most popular because each of these arenas had developed unique bricks that affected game play a unique way.   When these 4 arenas joined together, the professional RPA tour was founded.  Each year, four lucky competitors qualify for the galactic Ricochet Championship where one lucky contestant will successfully navigate 40 different brick arrangements in each of the Four Arenas and amass the highest score.  That person will go home with the coveted Ricochet Master of the Universe award.

Can you be the best?[edit | edit source]

Now, through the a special arrangement with the RPA and the power of your home PC, Reflexive Entertainment has captured all the excitement of this intergalactic competition and has brought it to you via the officially RPA licensed home version of Ricochet.

The home version features all the same intense game play as the sport, but can be played on any Windows PC in the comfort of your own home.  The 3D rendered graphics and digital audio are so realistic that you will feel like you are really competing to win the coveted title of the Ricochet Master of the Universe.

Your Ship[edit | edit source]

To keep the playing field even all players play with the same ship.  The RPA agreed at an early stage that Ricochet competition is a test of piloting skill, not equipment.  All competitors compete in RPA approved ships that feature identical accelerating, handling, and weapon firing abilities.  All ships are equally upgraded by power ups.  Likewise, all ships are equally hampered by penalties.  While your ship is a fine piece of engineering, the Champion will rest assured knowing that the competition was won based on skill, not on fancy equipment.

The Ion Sphere[edit | edit source]

Built from a highly durable alloy of the most impact resistant materials in the universe, an official Ricochet Ion Sphere is a true accomplishment in design and production.  Ion Spheres are built to withstand thousands of collisions at high speeds, and can endure temperature changes of thousand of degrees in just a matter of seconds.  The spheres expand and contract in size and form an incredibly strong bond with electricity.

Version history[edit | edit source]

Collected from https://web.archive.org/web/20040116062123/http://www.reflexive.net:80/Ricochet/Game%20Updates.htm

Version Description
  • Load time dramatically improved
  • Separate high score list for each level of difficulty
  • Game prevents multiple instances from being run simultaniously
  • Ability to play with a Joystick or other game controllers
  • Support for a force feedback effect in Joysticks and Mice
  • Fixed a problem with level 2-4 which sometimes made it impossible to finish
  • Fixed a few minor compatiblity issues
  • Added an option to change the backgrounds from animated to static or none
  • Improved legibility of the stats screen
  • Fixed registration system to work on machines with restricted user priveleges
  • Force feedback enhancement including a performance compatibility

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