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Space environment in Ricochet Xtreme
All the bricks, deflectors and switch that make up the Space environment brickset.

Space (also internally known as Chrome Blue) is an environment first seen on Ricochet Xtreme and re-introduced in Ricochet Infinity.

In Ricochet Xtreme it is the first environment encountered by the player, making up the following rounds: 1-20, 51-60, 91-100, 131-140 and 171-180 with the Ricochet Xtreme expansion pack.

This also makes it the most common environment in Ricochet Xtreme, standing at 60 levels compared to 50 for all other environments.

In Ricochet Infinity, Space levels can be found on the following planets:

  • Ricochet Station
  • New Venus
  • Rings of Olympius
  • Yucatan
  • Beeblebraxis

Brickset[edit | edit source]

The bricks are mostly technological in design and use metallic grey with matte blue for their colour palette.

In Ricochet Xtreme the environment only has 4 normal bricks (blue, handle, striped and yang), 3 three-hit bricks and the usual 2 power up bricks (blue spot and piston), single exploder and indestructible brick.

Ricochet infinity doubles the brickset by adding 11 new normal bricks: The two diamond bricks, 4 arrow bricks, 4 slash bricks and the 'yin' brick.

As with all other environments in Xtreme lacking these features; the environment also received 4 deflectors (modelled after nondescript spaceship parts) and a switch in the shape of a square.

It also received the magnetic circular lock and energy key Starfish plugin, as the space environment didn't originally really have special bricks.

Specialty Bricks[edit | edit source]