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Water environment in Ricochet Xtreme

Water (also known as Under Water, also internally known as Yellow) is an environment first seen on Ricochet Xtreme and re-introduced in Ricochet Infinity.

In Ricochet Xtreme, it is the second environment to be ancountered and always succeeds Space levels, making up levels 21-30, 61-70, 101-110, 141-150 and 181-190 with the Ricochet Xtreme expansion pack.

In Ricochet Infinity, Water levels can be found on the following planets:

  • New Venus
  • Vulcan's Forge
  • Deviation
  • Yucatan
  • Trantora

Brickset[edit | edit source]

All the bricks, deflectors and switch that make up the Water environment brickset.

The bricks use a combination of yellow and metallic rust.

The environment has 16 normal bricks, introducing the tileset-like construction elements (8 corner pieces, 4 edge pieces and two center pieces). It also has two bricks outside of this: Spot and Ribs.

Outside of that, the environment comes with the standard two power up bricks, exploder, three-hit brick and indestructible.

As special bricks, the environment harbours nudge bricks as well as the 'spike' brick shredder, which is able to destroy bricks that are nudged into it.

Interestingly, this is the only Xtreme environment that originally had deflectors (shaped like triangles), not requiring Ricochet Infinity to add any. However, it was given a hexagonal switch to put it up to par with other environments.

With 24 bricks, this is the environment with the least amount of bricks from not only all Xtreme environments (since Space had its brick count doubled in Ricochet Infinity), but all of Ricochet Infinity as well.

Specialty Bricks[edit | edit source]