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RoyTheDragon (Formally william.m (author name) and rico-rocker 2 (forum name + author name)) Player of the Ricochet series since 2000, first game was Ricochet Xtreme and is both a player and a level author and former Level Tester (2015-December 2017) and is the creator of the Ricochet Players Discord server
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Levelsets[edit source]

This author has created quite a lot of sets over the course of the games existence. Some which are really good and some of which are not of quality standard.
Play these to your own discretion as some of them are old and the name conventions and level design of the authors levels have changed over the years.
the levels will be listed in different tables for reference starting from low quality to high quality and will be base upon level quality by appearance and level set name and level name conventions.

Infinity[edit source]

Low Quality
Level Set
Try This: Add on Wild!
B-Day Set
My Rico Set
Back To Xtreme (W.M Way)
William.M Mania 2
William.M Mania 3
William.M Mania 4
William.M Mania 5
William.M Mania Redux 1
William.M Mania 6
William.M Mania 8
William.M Mania 10
William.M Mania Redux 2
Roy's Christmas Special
Birth Symbols
Back To LW
Back to LW 2
Average Quality
Level Set
William.M Mania 7
William.M Mania 9
William.M Mania 11
William.M Mania 12
High Quality
Level Set
Ricochet All-Stars